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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Happy day! My mandalas and altarcito came in from 4 Ravens today! They are so beautiful I was almost afraid to touch them lol.

I put them up in my bead cubby so I could show them to you, but this isn't necessarily their final resting place. They will let me know where they should be. The first pic is of the Prayer Mandalas:

The second pic is of my Peace altarcito. Isn't it beautiful??

On top of my goodies here, she also sent me some postcards and a bookmark. They will be getting framed and put up some place in my home to bring some good juju to it.

I highly recommend checking out Rae and her work at Rae is such a sweet, talented woman, and a lot of fun to chat with. I give her 10 thumbs up!

Thank you Rae!!!!!

Stephanie and Don are in the final stages of getting ready for their trip to Michigan Adventures tomorrow. I am getting their clothes all ready to go and doing some food shopping tomorrow for them. Tonight we have one soccer practice and one soccer game, so it is going to be a late night. Oh Lord, please let Saturday go without a hitch...I need the break!

Y'all take care now :).


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