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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

diets and cubbys

I'm in the process of buckling down (for the millionth time), and working hard to get this weight off of me. I need to do this for a number of reasons: to get healthy, for my kids, my husband and finally, my 20th high school reunion. I can't keep putting off what needs to come off, so here we go.... This won't be easy because I am a foodie who loves to eat and cook who also deals with bouts of anorexia and bulimia, but with my hubby and my desire to do this right, we will persevere (crowd goes wild "yea!!!!!" lol).

The cubby was coming along nicely as far as tiles until...duh duh dummmmm...I ran out of the darn little suckers! Grrr! Who knew it would take 4 bags instead of 2? Oh well, off to Michael's I will eventually go. But, I have some awesome awesome beautiful handmade prayer mandalas and an altarcito coming in from Rae of 4 Ravens. She found me through the seven degrees of internet seperation when her site minder type deal lead her to me after mentioning her in one of my posts ("completely and utterly random", April 30). She is such a sweet and unbelievably talented lady, and her stuff should be here in the next day or so. Ooohhh, I am soooo excited, and can't wait to share my goodies with you! The link to her site is down there on the right along with Kim Miles, Beadist Extraordinare, who is the reason I found Rae in the first place. Cool, eh?

Now it is time to do science with Si and Nana and maybe, if I am lucky, get a little beadwork done so I can get my website started (more on that venture later). Off and running once again, into the rainy and cold day. Wonder how much I can eat before starting my diet tomorrow...hmmm...heehee...

Until next time,


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