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Monday, April 14, 2008

let the transformation begin!

Welcome to my bead cubby! It is in this cozy little corner of our basement beadroom, oops, bedroom lol, just under the stairs. Let us take a closer look, shall we....

Our lovely cinder block/plywood walls will soon be transformed into a southwestern hide-a-way just for moi and my beady endeavors. You can see my Su Casa Magazines, my little bits of paper inspiration, sitting in the middle of my desk, and the walls are presently decorated with some of the beady gifts and wonders given to me by my BFF Naomi for my birthday. I love needing wall space now lol!

These are the colors I will be using: The top called "Gem Turquoise" will be the base, the other three, yellow (Center Stage), orange (Orange Burst *or* Indian Paint Brush, not sure yet), and the red (Chili Pepper, duh), will be accent/design colors. I am currently searching Craigs List for a wooden chair to distress and paint as well. The section under the stairs is where my darling husband has finally agreed to let me have my Dia De Los Muertos pictures/tiles/etc. I respect his wishes for me not to have these images around because he doesn't like them, but he also understands that I grew up celebrating this Mexican holiday and see the images as meaning more than what people normally do (especially in Michigan and more northern states. Hey, if I'm wrong, don't get mad, k? I just calls em as I sees em!).

That is my new project to work on now. As I make progress, I will put the pics up here, kind of like a journey from gray and drab to colorful and fun. My piece of the desert I love here in pine tree land :).

The pics below of are the most **AWESOME** bag ever ever made for me! This is my Rock 'n' Roll Skully bag, designed and brought to life by a very good friend of mine from Seeds Of Faith, Tonya Bolam, of Blind Stitch Creations. She lost most her sight a few years ago from undiagnosed Diabetes, but has continued to teach sewing classes and creates absolutely stunning clothing, headbands, bags...the list goes on and on. An amazingly cool, sweet, talented and fun artist. Thanks again Tonya!!!

This is the inside. How can you not love that????????

So, there you go. My crack at interior design, or decline, depending on how it works out lol. If anyone out there has any ideas for me, let me know!

Here is hoping for the best!


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Anonymous said...

so when it's done do I get to come over and see it?