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Friday, February 22, 2008

You are here

After chatting up my good friends Lisa and Marla at co-op today, and being sent to the link to Lisa's blog :), I decided to bombard your senses with my various rantings and ravings. Oh lucky you...

I will warn you: I have issues. Lots. Lots and lots. If you ever think that you are not normal or are stranger than strange, that your extended family is from Mars, just come will feel better after, I promise lol.

Some people think that blogs are silly. Heck, I used to be one, at least until I became hooked on the blog of an online friend and awesome beadist, Kim Miles, and her blog "Greetings From Taos". I go back to my homeland in the southwest transcendentaly through her pictures. Now, I have one...who woulda thunk it?

I will be done for now. Going over to my friend Jennifer's house for dinner, then to JoAnn's to buy beads for her daughter. She "gave" me as a gift to her daughter for Christmas, or at least my bead abilities. Even been a Christmas present?? It's cool...I look great in opaque ribbon...

Ta for now. VAMPIRES RULE!!!!



foamy said...

Oh. You're doing one of these now. In your copious amounts of free time. Good thinking. Also, hiring the oldest to post on your blog for you might not be the best idea. Also, letting me comment might not be the best thing for your kids. Ah well. Much love. From me. La Mosca de Mantequilla. See you soon!

Lisa Quing said...

Penny! What an honor to know that my blog prompted you to broadcast your rantings and ravings to the internet at large. Hehehe

Can't wait to see what you're going to say!

boo said...

And we were so hoping you'd be bringing snow with you.....xoxoxoxo Mom and Dad