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Saturday, December 1, 2012

busy busy busy

Just got a new job.  Got very very lucky and now I am part of the money-making society.  7 hours on my feet a day, but hey, I get paid.  I have to be to work at 7 a.m. and finish at 3:30, but holy cow my feet hurt lol.

The oldest is now a driver.  A licensed driver.  Happy and terrified are my emotions.

Ohhh, this is fun!  Was told by some chick named Sarah (yup, I name drop :)) that I am a jealous hypocrite because I feel that the unhealthy body image forced down the throats of women today is dangerous via my "If this is beauty, I will take ugly" post from AGES ago.  Jealous.  Mmmmmkay.  For your information, if you read correctly, Sarah my dear, I AM an anorexic.  I AM a bulimic, so I know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  I was made fun of for being thin and I was made fun of for being fat.  It is not fair on either side.  If you spend 5 minutes paying attention to the modeling world, the programs, the magazines, you will see that I am right and you are wrong.  Very wrong.  *You* are the fucking hypocrite :).  Have a lovely day.

Oh, and you and some other troll who called me a racist because I was done with having Whitney Houston canonized after her drug overdose from another post a million years ago (but, unlike Sarah, wouldn't use his name) have been placed neatly in the spam file.  That's right: I don't give a flying fuck about your opinions, especially when you are taking the time to tear me down and call me names. If you want to share an opinion, share it, challenge how I feel, but keep your assinine kindergarten name calling to yourself.  Poo poo buttheads :).

And try to stay current.  Seriously.  Bringing up posts from *months* ago?  You that bored?  Sad.

God how I hate stupid.

Oops, I named called.

Peace, Love and (i am a racist hypocrite so sayeth people who don't know me, wheeeee!) Zombies \IiiI

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