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Friday, November 2, 2012

dia de la muerte y el nacimiento

2nd of November.  A day to celebrate two things:

The lives of our loved ones who passed before us:

Gwendolyne Fae DeShane-Fassett
Murrell Everett Fassett
John Bibona
Sally DeVille-Euper
Donald Richard White Sr.
Abbie Francis Colvin-DeShane
Clarence DeShane
Helen Maynard-Fassett
Murrell Everett Fassett Sr.
Jacqueline Mae DeShane-Morgan

And the birth of those we are blessed to have in our lives today:

Donald R. White Jr., my hubs, 41
Savannah Grace White, my tornado, 11
Char Ullman, beautiful friend in New Mexico, 51 

Don and Nana trying to prove their nobility at Disneyland Orlando

Blessings to the souls who are waiting on the other side, and forever love to my beautiful family and friends here with me today.

Peace, Love and (2nd november: my favorite day for two reasons!) Zombies \IiiI


nitebyrd said...

Right back atcha!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I wonder how many people get it. :) Love the pic.