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Thursday, March 8, 2012

it's my heart and i'll care of i want to

This is my one and only post on the "Kony 2012" media storm. 

I watched the video last night.  When I saw it was almost 30 minutes long, I thought, "There is no way I will actually watch this whole thing!"  I was wrong.

I went ahead and shared the video on FB.  I never put up videos like this...ever...but this one hit a chord with me.  Now, I didn't send it to individuals...I didn't blow up someone's FB feed.  I put it out there to be ignored or watched.  Naturally, people love believing in and sharing the opposition.  Go figure.  For every person who wants to do something different, there is someone trying to show them how stupid they are being.

Sounds like religion, but I digress...

I have also read comments from those who say it is all bullshit, the victims are to blame, it isn't our problem, yada yada yada.  Why does it take happening in your front yard for you to care about anything that isn't all about *you*?  

No, I cannot fly to Africa and fight this person myself.  No, I cannot afford to give thousands to Invisible Children to help with the movement.  I can, though, share this video, which will be watched by someone who will share it with someone, who will share it with someone who maybe can do something more.

A mustard seed.  That is all it takes.

If it turns out that this is all a ruse, so be it.  I will sit back, fold my hands in my lap and say, "Okay.  What do you want for dinner?"  I'd rather care about something and have it fall apart or not be true, then to sit with my thumb up my butt bitching about something I won't actually take the time to learn about.

Because the original video is 30 minutes long, I decided to put up the video by Nigahiga, explaining, in a tiny nutshell, the situation in less then 4 minutes.  

Watch it...don't watch it.

Believe in the movement...don't believe in the movement.

It's up to you.

But don't condemn  me because I was born with a heart.

Peace, Love and (evil has to be stopped, no matter where it is) Zombies \IiiI

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Anonymous said...

I read a follow up to this in the Washington Post.. The question is.. So you've clicked, now what? How do we actually make a difference???