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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what time is it? TOOL TIME!

Gotta love passive aggressive assholes.

I have comment moderation.  Sounds logical so all my Undead Lovlies don't have to be visually assaulted by stupid.  I, unfortunately, do get assaulted lol.

Now, everyone knows that, if I find you a particular kind of dickweed, I share you with the world.  This morning, I have such a dickweed.

This person has no profile, has probably never commented on a blog before, but for some reason, decided to grace me with their putrid smell  presence.  It had a particularly amusing name.  The name of a certain female body part, starting with "V" and rhyming with "mulva", but spelled wrong (what a surprise).  I am assuming, naturally, that it is because the particular individual is a pussy.  But I digress.

It all had to do with my posting "wanna laugh?", talking about the conspiracy theorist known as Stansberry.  Now, instead of opening up a line of communication as to why this creature is a conspiracy theorist, it had something much more fun to say.  That being, "GM made tanks for HITLER".


*That* is it?  Really?  For the record, GM made tanks for AMERICA, which is why WE WON.


And you believe that the Mayans are right, and that Elvis is alive and well with Liberace on Pluto.

How. totally. pathetic.

If you disagree with me, disagree. Say why.  Not this sniper, head-up-ass crap.  For the love of Goddess.

So, there you go, the winner of the "Dickweed Tool Of The Day" is Pussyboy.

On a lighter note, it is supposed to go up to 50 today.  Nice.  Very nice.

Have a goodin' y'all :)

Peace, Love and (why is stupid allowed to live?) Zombies \IiiI


Magical Mystical MiMi said...

What a dumbass!!! I hope he comes back and reads your post! I love it when people who know nothing about the Big 3 or our life here are experts on the subject - fucker.

50 degrees??? What the hell. It's snowing like crazy up here!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

we just have seriously heavy fog down here lol. stay warm!