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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apparently we have a snowstorm coming down on us this evening. 6 to 8 plus inches.

My damned tulips are already coming up.

It is the end of February.

Yeah, we've been lucky so far this winter. Why can't it just stay that way??

Meh. Double meh. Triple dog meh.

Is it the snow I dread, you may ask? The answer would be no.

It is the possibility of a snow day. Granted, the schmucks we have running our schools and bus system are dicks and don't give a flying crap about the safety of the children, so a snow day is as rare as hens' teeth. But, on the off-chance we have one, that means I have three girls: one teen, one pre-teen and one pre-teen-in-training, all trapped inside.

With me.

Better go get a couple bottles of wine just in case.

Light a candle for me.

Peace, Love and (this will suck!) Zombies \IiiI


Lin said...

Yes, definitely stock up on wine. Lots of it, haha.

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm laughing because I remember those days of being trapped inside with my lit'l "halflings." Totally jealous of your snow storm.. :( It's only snowed twice up here with accumulation of a couple of inches. Other than that just flurries. We were supposed to get 10" this weekend and they dropped it down to 3". Boo. You're in a win/win situation. Snow day or not, you've got wine! Cheers!

bzmom said...

Oh the joy. Send then each to there room then bead or kill zombies! :)