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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my .05 and we will call it good

FYI: I am not saying she is guilty, I'm not saying she's not guilty. I will say her and her entire family remind me of a horror movie I saw once and her lawyer should lose his balls. This is my opinion on the public feeding frenzy.

I know that for the next few weeks, maybe even months, we will be bombarded by opinion after asshat opinion of the Casey Anthony trial. Here is my asshat opinion, then I will never ever speak of it again:

First off, I think it is completely sick that the media and, obviously the numb-skull public, is obsessed with the idea of a mother killing her child. Is the public truy outraged that they think a murderer was set free, or that a mother wasn't put on death row for it?

How do we know she is guilty? We don't. We probably never will. Personally, I point fingers at the grandfather. He seems smarmy as hell. BUT, since the public wanted momma blood, no one seems to be looking hard in that direction.

If she is guilty, she wil have to live with the knowledge forever that she murdered a beautiful child and will, in the end, but truly judged by whatever god she believes in.

If she is not, I pray that the true murderer will be brought to justice, and that Casey will be able to have some closure on this painful memory.

Light a candle, say a prayer for the blessed soul of Caylee Marie. May she one day be able to truly rest in peace.

The end.

Peace, Love and (did you want a murderer to be found, or a mother to be sacrificed for your entertainment?) Zombies \IiiI


Sandra said...

Fantastic post! I don't really have an opinion one way or the other. Everything was all so suspect. Sure she partied after her child was dead, but did she know the child was dead? Did she party because she was in shock? I don't know...but I think your interpretation of the public's behaviour was bang on!
And on a side note, I so wanted to thank you for your comment at my blog. Yeah, I've been feeling a little miffed, but what are ya gonna do, right. But it was comments like yours that made me feel better than winning any stupid ol' flipcam could! I think my readers are probably a little safer now that they know for sure I'm not going to be bombarding everyone with shots of me dryhumping my husband when he walks through the door carrying Chinese food :)

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Sandra@ I don't doubt for a moment that she has a big part in what happened, but there is so much we don't know. But that Nancy Grace person...icky!

Dryhumping for Chinese food?? Do you have a flipcam in *my* house lol??

Debbie W said...

This trial did become a feeding frenzy like so many other high profile cases typically do. But you have to admit Penny...this woman's actions were suspect from the beginning. If I didn't know the location of one of my daughters when they were that young, I would have been crazed within minutes. I think the problem with this case is the so called mother of Caylee 1)didn't bother to let anyone know her baby was missing for 31 days; 2)didn't seem bothered by the fact that her baby was missing; and 3) offered the police no assistance in finding her baby when it was discovered she was missing. The only thing she offered was lie after lie after lie. That is, until the trial and her life was in jeopardy...then suddenly Caylee had accidently drowned? Why didn't she call 911...why was tossing her tiny body into a wooded lot a better alternative than answering a few questions about the drowning? And after the case took on monsterous proportions, why didn't she reveal this fact then?
There are too many why's in this case. Should she have been tried by the, but she made it awfully easy for millions to believe just by her actions alone. The whole Anthony family has a lot to think about. Even if a book was written by Casey telling her "story" of what actually happened...who is to say it won't be just that, another "story" from an obviously very troubled individual. I hope that sweet baby Caylee is resting in peace. And that's all I have to say about that. :)

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Debbie@ I agree on all your points. It turns my stomach that she is so willing to write a story about it. My child dies and I seriously doubt I am going to put pen to paper. It is gross. She was found completely not guilty. Was that correct? No. Hell no.

Just Lisa said...

Wow! I completely AGREE with you. On ALL points. Holy Hell! I am NOT alone. I really, really thought I was.