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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 day book challenge- day

Day 8- book that scares you.

Okay, y'all will probably laugh at me for this, but I am quite okay with that. The book that scares me the most is.....

drum roll...
The Bible

Call it what you will: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, a love story, a weapon, it scares me. What scares me, you ask? It isn't the validity of it, because I choose to believe that it started out as a God inspired, God breathed book of the past. Now, it is a joke. 4000 different translations/versions/variations, all by different people, in their own private, this-is-how-I-see-it perspective. Here are a few:

The traditional
the study
the reference
the place-in-life
the one-year
the chronological
the pastor's
the children's
the parallel
the serendipity
the quest
the key word
the leadership
the Hebrew-Greek
the "Here's Hope"
the serenity
blah blah blah blah blah blah.

You picking up what I am laying down?

The PC bible is my personal favorite, where there are no more pronouns like he or she because it may insult someone's delicate f'ing nature. I'm waiting for the texting bible. Should read something like this:

Genesis 1- N the bgng, Gd creted th hvns n rth. Nw, the rth wz 4mles n mt, drkns wz ovr the dep, n the sprit ov Gd wz hovrng ovr the watrs.

The people who "interpret" the Bible also terrify me. The ones who use it as a "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIIIIIIE TOMORROW....ERR, NEXT YEAR...2013.....GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!!" Hell, even those who believe that shit scare me....

How about I just believe that God loves me and leave it at that? Take your translations and shove them up your pious asses :).

Was that a subtle enough reason why lol??

Peace, Love and (god/dess love me no matter what i read) Zombies \IiiI

1 comment:

Magaly Guerrero said...

I wasn't surprised by your response, my luv; to be honest it was the first book that came to mind when I was reading over the challenge. The Bible by itself is not scary (to me). I believe is one of the greatest books of parables--allegories gone wild, if you may. But what people what done with this writing is terrifying. To think that people can be so cruel and full of themselves to use words to damage, oppress and even slaughter in the name of any god is freaking terrifying!