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Sunday, May 15, 2011

now a few words from our sponsors(

Just watched "Jonah Hex" tonight. Maybe I am weird, but I really like it, creepy Megan Fox waist and all.

(I'd do him...scarred face and all)

Next, I have discovered my new love. My new passion. Move over Patron Silver (which I never thought I'd say!). Here comes....

360 Double Chocolate Vodka!!!!
I bought some on because, well, I saw it there in the store, and it said to very special words: "chocolate" and "vodka". This stuff is *THE BOMB*!!!!! I do love vodka, and normally, you have to mix it with something. Not this stuff. It is a m a z i n g!!!!!! Give it a try!

BTW, we also watched "Due Date" tonight. It was cute, but the best part was the section filmed in EL PASO!!! My HOMETOWN!!! LOVED IT!!!


Did you see that?

I didn't complain *once*!!

Maybe because I'm drunk...who can say?

But I didn't complain!

Mark this day on your calendars!

Oh...and the 21st of May...yes, this May...which another Christian freak of nature has declared to be judgement day.

Better drink some more vodka....

Peace, Love and (mmmmmm chocolate vodka and Josh Brolin) Zombies \IiiI


Mejis said...

Megan Fox is indeed creepy.
Chocolate vodka? ooooooooooh, I might have to try that.
Why do some of these crazy Christians want the world to end so bad? Jeez. lol

Penny said...

Honey, I am telling you...TRY IT!!!!
I wish I knew why they did that. Are they that miserable? I mean, yeah, going to heaven is great, but I don't want to die tomorrow to get there lol.