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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

things undone

It's Spring Break for the girls. It would be for me too, except, is Spring Break for the girls. I swore to myself that I would spend time doing something for me. Maybe some beadwork. Haven't done that in a long time. Guess what I have done so far?

Grocery shopping.
More Cleaning.

Guess what I haven't done so far?



GM lets some of its employees, like my hubs, sign up for and take home vehicles for a week to play with. A kind of "you can build it, you can never afford it, but we will tease you with it" program. So far, Don has brought home an Acadia, a Traverse, an Escalade and, this time....

a 2011 Camaro.

I. Am. In. Love.

Don took me out to dinner last night and let me drive. Ohhhhh, nummy. From 0 to infinity in no time flat. Mommy likey.

Little known fact: Camaros cry when you force it to do below 70 mph. How do I know? Because I cried too...

I am back to treadmilling and trying to lose this last bit of weight I have. Motivation is still as cold as the shitty Michigan weather, so I am trying. A giant plate of nachos and a vat of margaritas sound good though....

Now, off to run more errands in this nasty ass weather. Meh lol.

Peace, Love and (no pain, no gain. no liquor, no happiness) Zombies \IiiI


Mountain Witch said...

HAHAHAHA!! Omg, we're on the SAME spring break!! What I want to know is where are all the cabana boys with the fruity little drinks??
I am loving that new Camaro!!! My hubby has a Mustang - that we get to keep (he doesn't work at GM, hahahaha) and I know what you mean about crying under 70!
I also know what you mean about this shitty Michigan weather! We're in northern Mi. and I am SO ready for spring!
PS - The hubby is on his way to Tx. right now... :)

Mountain Witch said...

Okay what gives Penny? I can't add you to my blog list and you don't have a flippin' button for me to post. How am I supposed to get the word out about your awesome blog?? I need a linky. Help a sistah out! :D

Cogent Ascending said...

Is it gross that the idea of getting to own and or drive a 2011 Camaro arouses me?

Penny said...

Cog@ it arouses me that you are aroused lol ;)

LNFAW said...

anybody can't copy anything from your page!
how can I do that on my page, help me , please!

Debbie W said...

Vrrrroooommmm....sweet car! :)

Tea Witch said...

Oh my sweet-freakin-zombie lovin Goddess!!!! I am so damn jealous of your hubby's job and the fact that you got to actually drive (much less sit in) one of the coolest cars in the fraken universe. *sigh, drool, pout* I heart the Camero....yummy.