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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my least favorite color

Did you notice the new pic on my title? A pic of my beautiful El Paso mountain and my beautiful, colorful El Paso poppies? I crave color. I crave it like a circus sideshow fat lady craves sugar.

This winter has killed a love in me. I used to love this certain, thing, but I am beginning to hate it...

...with a burning passion.

The color. white.
I have seen nothing but white for two months. Well, white, dingy and damned ugly, if that were a color choice. White snow. White skies. White flurries. White frost. Oh, and dead stuff. No, not zombies. But dead trees. Dead grass. Dead flowers. Dead soul. You get the idea. Colorless, lifeless and dull. And people think that seasonal depression is a hoax. Believe me, it ain't.

I am still waiting. Still waiting for people to tell me why we have winter. Still no reasons at all. I think winter is the season when God(dess) gives us the finger and says, "Screw you. Freeze to death for all I care."

If you didn't get it already...


See? I ended the statement with a period to show I wasn't being eat-your-brains angry. Just seriously tired of white.

Tomorrow I will have some pics from our little Chinese New Year excursions after the DUH DUH DUHHHHHHH: BLIZZARD OF 2011!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, we got like 9 inches of snow but no Snowocalypse. Color me disappointed. Picture me in white.

I am going to go have a beer now.

Peace, Love and (my many colored moods...except for white) Zombies \IiiI


MoonRae said...

Well,it's my least favorite color right now too!!!! Sweetie, it's so freaking cold here I can't believe it!!! Did you know we buy electricity from fucking Arizona!! It is 8 degrees here right now and they are doing random electric shutdowns(random my ass,it's all here in northeast....I live at the bottom of transmountain(where that lovely spring pic was taken) and they keep shutting off electricity every few hours for an hour or so at a time) At least where you are right now is used to this and probably prepared for freezing cold snow and don't miss EP too much....
At least I finally get to wear my fav coat and new gloves for a few days!!!
sending this artic crap back to your part of the world where it belongs!!

Penny said...

MoonRae@ I grew up on Aphrodite Drive so I know where you are talking about lol. The NE always seems to get ingnored. I will always miss EP, especially since next week you will be in the 70's again and we are expecting more snow :).