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Monday, November 29, 2010

survival of the fattest

Well, Thanksgiving, all two of them, are over. One at a friends' house, the other here with the hubs family. I. am. exhausted.

Day 3 at the new job and all is still well. Fracking freezing, but well. One cool thing did occur though. One of the boys is Deaf, and during one lunch period he and his friends were being rather loud (because they are boys and, well, he *is* Deaf lol). I talked to the boys and told them to quiet down and to my Deafie, I signed, "You don't need to yell." I went on and helped a couple other kids then turned around to see the young man staring at me. He said, "You know sign?" with eyes the size of pie plates. I signed back, "Yes I do." He smiled and said, "I do too!" I even found out from the parapro that they have that he had been talking about me to her. Made me feel good :).

Guess that is all for now. Need to go heat up leftovers for the family and hopefully go to bed as early as humanly possible.

Must save strength for the next psychotic holiday....

Peace, Love and (i think i....zzzzzzzzz) Zombies \IiiI

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I have yet to recover from Thanksgiving cooking (and eating). Heck, my All Hallow's Eve altar still on (I wonder if my grandma is shaking her head right now) *sigh* I'll get moving right after finals, I think...

It is so good to know that the job is going well. And you know sign!? How absolutely cool ;-) My niece sang and signed a song for me and I nearly burst with pride. She is 6 and not a deafie ;-)