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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

15 facts

Today, two out of the three girls have no school. So, instead of being asleep, I sit here waiting to get the 14 year old out the door to school so I can go back to sleep get an early start on my morning. I was reading the blogs of those who either stay up to late or wake up too early and took a look at Amanda's list of prompts and figured, pfft, why not do one? Now, with no further ado....

15 (or fewer) Interesting (or at least moderately amusing) Facts About Me:

1. At the height of my vocal prowess, I could hit C above high C and go a smidge higher than that. I could, along with that, hit the lowest note the bass in our state's honor choir could hit as well. Unfortunately, seeing as that I am a natural alto, I just this side of "blew out" my vocal cords. Whatcha gonna do?

2. I am far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other because I have, since I was knee high to a horny toad, walked around with my left eye opened and my right eye closed when outside. My right eye is more sensitive to light and I unknowingly close it every time I go outside into the sunlight. I can also see more red hues with my left and more blue hues with my right when I close them individually.

3. I wrote a book about my entire life and how insane it was with my parents and my dad's other family after the shitstorm following my fathers' death. When I tell people what I have been through I usually get a "No way!" look from them. I also did it to try to purge my demons. After writing this 80,000+ word book, I read it, edited it....and deleted it. I figured who'd actually give a shit. Now I kick myself in the ass for doing that.

4. I suffered from night terrors as a child and, to overcome them (since my parents told me I was lying and needed to stop screaming at night) I created a "remote control" out of my mattress. Every night, before going to sleep, I'd move my foot around pressing "buttons", to choose what type of dream I would have that night. It took time, but I actually trained myself to take control of my dreams. Now people pay thousands to learn to do it from an "expert" who probably never dealt with night terrors in their lives.

5. I actually spoke to one of my father's many mistresses on the phone once when I was 12 and found out that another one of them was actually the woman who would bring me lunch when I would be on base visiting my father at work. That will seriously f you up.

6. One of my biggest fears is that I will be in any type of vehicular accident involving water when my girls are with me and that I won't be able to save them.

7. Even though I am a natural hostess and love to cook and take care of people, I crave silence and need to have time where absolutely no one talks or is even in the room with me. I get "peopled out" and even have a hard time shopping during the holidays because they are just too many people around.

8. I believe in ghosts and have had direct experience with them. No, I'm not the classic sense of the word.

9. Even though I have been married for 19 years to a wonderful man whom I could never see myself being without, I would probably kill my girls if they get married before they finish college and go out and have a life of their own. I got married at 21, didn't finish college, went from my parents house to my husband's house, never lived or traveled on my own. I have never just been known as "Penny". I was "Murrell's daughter", "Don's wife", "Stephanie's mom", etc. That song "Is There Life Out There?" by Reba McEntire is completely about my life and I cry every time I hear it. ~*~DO NOT TAKE IT THAT I REGRET BEING MARRIED OR HAVING MY DAUGHTERS BECAUSE THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!!!!~*~

10. Gosh, I think that is it.....

Well, I got to 9 1/2 "interesting" facts about me. Maybe later I will add more as they come to me, but I am tired and really am considering going back to bed since I don't really have to be up. We will see....

(what I look like in the morning when I can't decide between sleep and coffee)

Peace, Love and (screw it...sleep) Zombies \IiiI


Ace said...

#2 made me go "hmmmm." Every single picture I have of my husband taken outside for the last 26 years looks like Popeye with one eye squinched shut. I wonder if his vision has the same things going on as yours? I'll probably never know as he refuses to get an exam.

~Byn There said...

#3 Punch in the arm! Whacha do that for ya butt-wad!

#6 Me too. Weird 'other-life' sense of drowning with an infant.

#8 Ditto...Love to party but most times, I vant to be alooone.

Debbie said...

Every time I hear about someone having night terrors I think of the movie by Wes Craven "They"....did you ever see it? Creepy because it could happen yes? :)

Penny said...

Deb@ LOVE that movie!