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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

no fan of man

Spent four hours yesterday with the hubs up in the attic putting in insulation. No easy feat let me tell you, but I know it would have been worse if I still had that extra 42 lbs. hanging around my middle. Today, my entire boy aches, not to mention I am fighting some kind of creeping crud that is keeping me tired and nauseous. Meh.

The hubs and I have given the oldest permission to quit flag corp when the season ends at the end of the month. I was hoping she could do it all through high school, but there are things that are preventing that from happening. Number 1 on the list: their suck ass coach, or whatever you want to call the woman who is supposed to be the coach but never shows up for practices *or* competitions. Seriously? Why the f do you do what you do if you don't really do it or give a shit about it???? Number 2: the douchebag that is the band director. He has actually told the flag corp (and more than one girl told me the same thing), that any competitions they lose will rest completely on the flag corp's shoulders. Really? I've heard that band and they S U C K!!!!! Am I saying that the flag corp is perfect, absolutely not, but to blame them for everything everyone else does wrong is total bullshit in my book. These girls on flags have worked their asses off since June, so it isn't from a lack of heart, but a lack of adults who have any brains or even care. This is by far the worst run program I have ever seen and I am glad to see my daughter get away from it. She has stuck it out, worked constantly, practiced at home, at night, on weekends and she has come home feeling like a loser because the director had the band gang up on them and tell them that everything was their fault. Well, band director and pinhead coach, screw you both. You lost a good thing in these girls!

Ugh, my old age is bringing on an inability to put up with stupid bullshit. I hope evil zombie clowns eat them in their sleep.

(Like this guy. Freddy Krueger is a lamb in comparison.)

Sorry I had to vent, but it was either that or go and punch the shit out of the dillwads at the school.

Thank you for listening :).

Peace, Love and (killer clowns is how I roll) Zombies \IiiI


~Byn There said...

oh, yea public school politics is such the shiz. i am not impressed with our band program either and the fact that they give information last minute constantly is soooo disrespectful. they expect the kids to step up but they arent's setting the example from the top down. don't even get me started about athletic politics. happy MEAP week.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

The last minute info drives me up the wall!!! Whoopee...MEAP week. I have to tell my kids to do their best when I think the MEAP is a load of crap lol.