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Monday, August 2, 2010

for the heck of it

Found this on Southern Discomfort, she found it someplace know how it goes. So, here is day 1 of 30 Days Of Truth:

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

That is easy. Well...kinda. I guess of all the things I loathe about me, two are in first place. First is my lack of self-confidence. I never feel good enough at anything I do, and that sucks. Second is how damned short I am. I am 5'2 and the world we live in is for people 5'6 and over. I have to stand on the toilet in the bathroom just to take down the showerhead when I want to simply wash my hair. Short sucks.

Well, that is that. On the everything else front, my back hurts like a son of a bitch again. Those pathetic 5mg muscle relaxants the doctor gave aren't good for a damned thing. I don't want to go back, so I have to figure out an alternative, like getting back into Pilates or something. This *won't* stop me from getting on the treadmill though. I have weight to lose dangit!

Okay, I'm done.

Peace, Love and (owwwwww it hurts!) Zombies \IiiI


Leeanna said...

So sorry about your back hurting dear. I'm taking Darvocet and Skelaxen for my pain. It helps a bit. It's from a car accident that I had in El Paso back in '92. I got rear ended by an 18 wheeler gas truck on Montana at a stop light. Sucker slammed into me doing 55 and pushed my ass about 100 ft. I ended up now with arthritis in the spine. So I am having to get these shots to block the pain. They last for a whole year which is good. Otherwise I'll be flat on my back in bed with the heating pad for days on end.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can find something to get rid of the back pain.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Leeanna@ I am so sorry to hear about that!! Hope you can feel better soon.

Tina@ Me too. The fact that it just happened with no reason or rhyme makes it just that much worse :(. You are supposed to have back pain *before* you lose weight, not after lol!

Shelly said...

The back pain may be happening since you lost weight because your body is readjusting itself to the new you `;~)

Hope it gets better!

Magaly Guerrero said...

You sound damn brave to me my luv. Tell me, how many people can actually blog for 30 days about the truth? Exactly!

And wow, I'm 5'3.75" (yes, I'm claiming my freaking 3/4 of an inch) but I have never thought of myself as short. I always think that the Gods know why they made me this way, and probably the same applies to you.

It is all explained by an old Betta Fish philosophy (that I just made up) just think if the Betta Fish was the size of a dolphin, yep, their population would probably eat the world one toothy bite at the time.

If that doesn't work, think that small precious things (and worthless muscle relaxers) come in small packages. Your 5'2" inches, my Wicked Darling, come packed with extra love, charm, and lets not forget SUBSTANCE!

And if all that doesn't work, what size shoes do you wear? I have an extra pair of of 6" stilettos that kick ass--literally!