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Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 days of truth- day 14

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Ugh....another letter. Again, no. And this time around, I'm going to say something I never do. This one is actually too personal, so I am going to refrain from commenting too deeply on this one. Suffice it to say, I am angry with this "hero" and I am having a hard time finding strength in him anymore. Such is life. When I am done being a pouty child, maybe things will change.

I am confused as hell about a lot of things right now. Have any idea how hard it is to be confused about major stuff in your own life, and then have to try to be Ms. Answer Mom for three growing young ladies? It sucks. I wish I had my own mom to talk to, but even if she was here, she couldn't understand where I am coming from either. Guess I will have to do this one on my own...

Don went for a drive this morning to, I guess, try to clear his head. Before anyone panics, no, we are fine. I am jealous of his love of this horrid place. He can do here what I can only do in El Paso: find a road, go down it, and find a place to be peaceful. All I see here is Lapeer, Pontiac, Detroit and Flint. Um, not peaceful, unless you have an AK strapped to your side...maybe not Lapeer...yet... I need to get away and take that drive too, but alas, I cannot. Too fooking far away from the places where I find peace, I find God/dess, myself, a jackalope, whatever. Hope he finds what he is looking for...

Alrighty then. Me and my cup of Orange Biscochito Pinon coffee are going to dink around the puter a bit more then back to work for this domestic slave, err, goddess. Enjoy y'alls Sunday.

Peace, Love and (me, silence and the desert) Zombies \IiiI

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