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Thursday, March 4, 2010

time for a change

If you have been coming here for any amount of time, the first thing you will notice is a change of name. "Diosa Del Desierto Corazon" is taking a vacation, and the "Misplaced Texan Zombie Girl" is taking over. My inner Diosa will live forever, but in the body of a zombie :).

I am here. I am doing okay, and I appreciate all y'all and your concern for me. Depression is a real biatch. As I sit here typing this, a big bright ball of light is hitting my eyes from the back room. As far as I remember from Earth Science in school, this ball is called "the sun". So strange to see it for real and in person...kind of like when I saw Haley's comet over 10 years ago. Very surreal. The weather fibber...err, man...also tells us that the temps will be going up to a nice, respectable level. I won't say to what, though, as not to tempt fate. My friend over at the Magikal Folks knows all about tempting fate hehee.

In 13 days, I will enter the last year of my 30's. My birthday is on a Wednesday...Wednesday. What the hell can you do on St. Patrick's Day on a Wednesday when you are the mother of 3? I'll tell you...not a damn thing lol. Still, to this very day, I have never ever had a green beer. Is this a big deal? Well, maybe not to you, but to me, um, yeah, it is. People all over the world have a green beer on St. Patty's Day. You'd think that I, a St. Patty's baby, would. I feel jipped lol.

Time for me to go and clean some more. We have Don's family coming over for our tri-monthly birthday get-together, and we are having it here. It may end up being a mess in the end, but I don't have to drive any where, and I like that :). Also, the pic below is one I found on the ether from an artist I believe is named "Tainted Orchid". Whomever you are TO, I love your work.

Peace, love and Texan zombies \IiiI


Debbie said... must have seen my post and what I woke up to yesterday! You are correct not to tempt fate when it comes to the weather. :)

I have something for you but need your mailing me. Love your new background by the way....very nice.

Anonymous said...

The sun? Wow I almost forgot we even had one.
Eewww green beer...
Glad you're feeling better. Hopefully the sun will chase away the blues.

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...'re not missing much with the green beer.

What you need is an Irish Car Bomb...Guinness, Bushmills, and Irish Creme. DA BOMB! I shall tip my bomb in your direction come St.Paddy's Day! :)

This has been one rotten winter, I must agree. Every two days a storm rolls into Reno/Sparks...rain, snow, sun, sleet, hail, snow, snow, rain, grey, fog, pogonip, snow, rain, sun, 35F-68F all in one day.

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

Debbie@ yup, I did lol, hence me not saying a word ;). Something for me??? Oh my :). I'll email you my address!

Mejis and Sleepy@ I know that the idea of green beer is gross, and it probably *is* gross, but I consider it a rite of passage. I'll do it once, wonder what in the hell I was thinking, and never do it again :).

An Irish Car Bomb, hmm? I need to try that!