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Friday, October 2, 2009

for all you speeders

I get it...I do. You need to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time because you are a poor manager of time or just an asshole. Doesn't matter that you are driving through a residental area, rain or not, with children going to school or playing, you have *got* to get to Starbuck's right now! I have composed a letter for the local newspaper which I pray they will run. I am sick and tired of being afraid of the street I live on and begin terrified my children will be killed. Yes, before you ask, I *have* talked to the police, thank you very much, and nothing has been done.

Here is my letter:
Stop the Spezia Speedway

On October 2, 2009, I walked my children to their bus stop in the rain. As we stood there, I heard a car coming up on us at a high rate of speed. A silver car roared past us at at least 50 miles per hour, not taking anyone’s safety into consideration on this rainy school day, slammed on their brakes at the stop sign, and took off down Seymour Lake Road.

Speeders: a more common sight on our road than trees. Speeding cars, speeding trucks, speeding motorcycles are a daily nuisance on Spezia Drive. You may think that my estimation of 50 mph is a bit high, but believe me, it is not. Spezia Drive is the shortcut between Seymour Lake Road and Drahner, and people use it as such, but this is not the problem. The main problem are the speeders. I am not talking about mistakenly going 30 when the speed limit is 25, I mean drivers doing 40, 50 mph, maybe higher, without a care in the world. I understand being late for an appointment, but I do not understand putting lives at risk because of it.

Children live on this street. Children who love to bike ride, walk their dogs, stroll with their friends. I have three such children, and quite frankly, I am terrified to allow them to do any of those things. I have witnessed, and yelled at, drivers who will speed *around* these children instead of slowing down. I am very surprised that up until now no one has been hit or killed, and very disappointed knowing that they will not be brought to justice due to a lack of police surveillance. It frightens me to think that an innocent child or adult simply walking along the side of the road may be killed, and that that may be the only time any one will stand up, notice the problem and do something about it.

I am only one resident, one parent out of many who live here, and I am tired of being scared of my street. Please, help shut down the Spezia Speedway by slowing down, being aware of your surroundings and thinking about someone other than yourself. The life you save may be your own child.

Thank you,

P. White
Spezia Speedway resident


You may be one of these people so if you are angry at me now...good. You are selfish and stupid. So, there you go. I can actually some this whole letter up in a few words that unfortunately cannot be used in local print:


Here it is:




Debbie said...

Bravo to you for your letter. Unfortunately an all too common problem. The little street my townhome is on is not a shortcut from one busy street to another....but it does allow "quicker" access to another street in the subdivision from a busy street. I live on the curve and at times I'm almost run down returning from the trash dumpster by people speeding around the corner. I know of a few streets that have been turned into dead end streets after residents took up arms so to say with the city.

~Byn There said...

I hope they print it, maybe the cops will get a clue and look at it as an easy $$ maker!

I'm sure you'll keep us posted.

Hey how's Savannah doin'?

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

SPEED BUMPS...large ones!