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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so quiet

It's been a while, eh, dear readers?  I have stayed away from here because of how my emotions have been.  I tick myself off being so low and angry, and saw no reason to force y'all to suffer for it lol.  I have a lot to make up for, so here we go :)...

It is getting warm here...well, warm, as in mid-60's.  Flowers, trees budding, cold drinks, bbq'ing...good times.

Don and I just celebrated our 17th annivesary on the first of May.  What do you get a person whom you have been with just this side of half your life?  Diamonds?  Pearls?  A new car?  No, no and not in this economy lol.  Don knew *exactly* what do get a girl like me.  A brand new, shiny BBQ GRILL!!

Isn't she purty??  Our last one died in a major way, and we are big grilling people so, voila!  Me likey.

I am also a lover of coffee.  Believe it or not, I would never even consider touching the stuff before I had my first daughter.  After that, I couldn't get enough!  With a Starbucks two feet down the road, you can only imagine how much one could spend.  So, I decided to look up some iced coffee recipes to do here at home.  The bottle below contains the elixir known as "Pinon Fudge", a coffee from New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company.  I *love* there pinon coffee flavors!  Brew her up nice and strong, add some condensed milk and an ice cube and you have heaven with a straw!

This next beauty was an unbelieveable surprise.  I have friends on Facebook...many MANY friends.  Some I may never ever meet up close, but they are close cyberwise.  One of those friends, Kevin, does metal castings in his backyard.  It is soooo cool!!!  A friend of his designed a really cool hand, and had Kevin cast it for her.  He kindly shared the process with myself and a few others.  I fell in love with the piece!  If you are an artist of any kind, you know that sometimes you see another's artwork and it talks to you, makes you feel something you can't explain.  The hand he created did that for me, and I told him so.  Well, Kevin actually went out of his way, asked the original artist if he could cast another, since it was a private design, and the mysterious young lady said yes.  Two weeks later, this came to me in the mail...

I wish you could see and feel it for yourself.  The designs, the smoothness of the metal, the feel of it.  I am an uber-tactile person, and this does it for me if that makes any sense.  A million thanks to Kevin and Ms. Kelsey for allowing me to have a piece of art that is as unique as the designer and creator!

Last, but by no means least, I recieved a special package all the way from Scotland!  My friend Stacey from A Lamb In The Field sent me a little something-something from her heart:  A postcard (presently hung up in the cubby), notepad, little notebook and handmade Memories book.  Lovely lovely stuff!!!  Stacey, you are a *doll*!

I do have one more giftie from my Texas momma that I will share with you tomorrow.  They are also in my bead cubby and the bead cubby has, well, seen cleaner days, if you know what I mean lol.

So, there you go.  Nothing to complain about, nothing sad, nothing melancholy.  Good stuff all. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Until next time,



Lisa said...

That's a boatload of blessings, to be sure!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... like the them all! But you love to bbq too! Even hot dogs taste good when done on the grill!

And a cool beer to wash them down!

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Love the silver hand!

BBQ...great gift there! My trusty grill is a big ole charcoal Weber.