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Thursday, March 5, 2009

unfortunately, penny...

Found this little tidbit while answer a question from a cool lady from Australia about my time picture. Looked like fun :).

"What you do is, do a google search for "unfortunately (Your name here)" ... don't forget the quotation marks! Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name:"

"Unfortunately Penny stocks do not deal on renowned stock markets such as New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, " (from, apparently a financial Q&A site)

"Unfortunately, Penny’s career in Phoenix wasn’t what we had all hoped. Or what he had hoped for that matter, after tattooing “Part 2, Heaven Cent” on his bicep. He had a great playoffs in 2000, leading the Suns in scoring, but was hampered by knee problems the rest of his time in purple and orange." (from The Official Phoenix Suns Blog about Penny Hardaway)

"Unfortunately, Penny could very well be dead. This would force Desmond to "team up" with Widmore... which is how they "get back."Besides, if Ben had failed in killing Penny, I seriously doubt he'd still be alive!" (from, a website about 'Lost')

"Unfortunately, Penny’s daily care has been increasingly more difficult to maintain for her adoptive parent. While Penny doesn’t mind receiving her daily fluids, it is time consuming and taxing to administer these fluids on an ongoing basis. Although her adoptive parent loves Penny dearly he does want to make sure that Penny gets the best care possible." (from about a cute black and white cat name, what else? Penny!)

"Unfortunately, Penny is very nervous at our Shelter and a prolonged stay with us will not be good for her" (from about a dog. Lots of animals named Penny out there lol)

"Unfortunately Penny’s writings have not survived and he is known only through quotations in the works of his contempories and his remarkable drawings of insects and plants which have been preserved in books by other authors." (from about an entomologist, Thomas Penny)

There you go. Cats, dogs, financies, bugs, basketball players and one t.v. character. No other girls named "Penny". I feel so alone...


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