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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what in the world am I thinking?

Who hasn't said that at one point in their lives? "One day, I will write the world's greatest novel." Who actually does it? Writes a novel, much less the world's greatest. Well, um, maybe, I don't

One of my very good friends, and soon to be partner-in-crime (whether she knows it or not lol), Lisa, has participated in a yearly contest called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. It takes place during the month of November, 1st through the 30th, and during that time, you write a novel of no less than 50,000 words. Your idea, your genre, your style...your novel. When you are done, you send it in and let fate play it's part. I figure, I have one whopper of an imagination, and, let's face it, a lifetime of experiences to play off of. Why not, right?!? Then, the stroll down memory lane begins...

I wrote in high school. Poetry, short stories and the like, and I even had one of my high school advanced English papers published in some obscure literary magazine. I was over the moon on that one! And then, as things always went, my father caught wind of me doing this, whipped out his pin, wrote a couple poems and a short story to two, and managed to get his published in a mainstream magazine. The age old, at least in my family, "well, look what I did" competition between old man and 17 year old girl. First, acting, then drawing, then writing. Sigh...guess what happened to my drive to write then.

I promptly sit down on the memory lane curb, look both ways and decide to get up and go another direction, away from the naysay, you'll never be good enough talk in my head. I can do this, I know I can! So, sink or swim, I am going to give this writing thing a go. Maybe by putting it all down on paper, I can release some of the angels and demons living in my head. It is too darn crowded in there right now, and I'm starting to lose it.

I'd love some outside support (hint hint my lovely gentle readers). Maybe some other writers out there, those who have already had stuff published...Mom...would give this a whirl, just for fun. Bills schmills, schooling schmooling, I have writin' ta do!

There you go. It's official. I am now a writer in my own right, a pen master, a weaver of words, a perforator of prose. See if y'all catch that one lol.

Until then,


1 comment:

Lisa said...

YAY Penny! Only 7-1/2 weeks before we begin!