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Thursday, August 14, 2008

peopled out

It's been a long week. VBS week to be exact. And I am officially. Peopled. Out.
I an running, and have run in the past, the skit\bible story part of VBS. I have done this at some church, some place, for years. I love doing it. I love acting and singing...I am a theatrical crowd surfer. But when you are dealing with little people with the attention spans of spam, you start to lose it. And, inevitably, I get done. People are okay, in general, but after a while, I want them to go away. I have had some child, a different one every night, not my own, staying at my house all week long. At first, this is okay, but when the people meter hits overload, that's all she wrote. Needless to say, ain't no one staying over here tonight!
On top of being peopled out, I am creative/imaginationed out too. I sat down to do some beadwork today. I love working with seed beads, and wanted to try and make a really sad duplicate of a beautiful bracelet that Naomi made with a window closing. I sat down, looked at my beads and realized: I had forgotten how to do a simple ladder stitch. I have no idea how to do it. I just stared at my beads, all nicely laid out in cool colors, and sighed. My brain is fried.
I need silence. I need to be alone. I need my brain back.
I need one of those chocolate martinis...or maybe just a chocolate coke.

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Lisa said...

I TOTALLY understand!!!