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Friday, August 1, 2008

letting go: an aging rockstar momma's lament

I'm getting old, and I am not happy about it.

I just gave permission for my 12 year old to ride into Oxford, (also known as "downtown Oxford", all 10 feet of it) to go to the Frosty Boy and window shopping on her bike with a friend. Okay, she has a phone and Oxford is a small town (app. 3600 people), but still, I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for her, or my other two girls, to grow up.

Stephanie now listens to this Christian Heavy Metal/Thrash music, with groups like Flyleaf, Falling Up, Seventh Seal and Blindside. Some of it is so very annoying, and then I think, "Wow, is this what my parents thought when I would blast Metallica or Faith No More, etc.? Pfft, of course not...". Then I get a chill down my spine...

Sierra is such an artistic child, musically and drawing-wise. I'd swear that she takes after her Grandma Wiley if we shared the same DNA. I'm waiting for her to come up and ask me for a copy of "War and Peace".

Savannah is using vocabulary that no 6 year old should use. She says things like, "I'm trying to be conscientious about that," or "She is so very optomistic about things". She uses big words and uses them *correctly*!

My girls amaze me at how quickly they have grown and matured and are becoming their own people. I also see where I have to do damage control, but that is a whole other conversation lol. What scares me is that soon, I will be obsolete, like Wall-E. I've run out of my Oil Of Olay Definity and am beginning to panic. I have grey hair. Okay, so tomorrow I will feel better, probably, but today I don't. Sigh.

Why couldn't I have aged like Lita Ford...


Lisa said...

Lita Ford still looks good, eh?

Anonymous said...

The grey hairs are presents from your children.