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Friday, August 22, 2008


Stephanie sat down and talked about worries that she has about a close friend of hers and how to deal with it all. She also talked about the feeling of being pressured into conforming in a world of cookie cutter kids with their cookie cutter looks and cookie cutter attitudes, where she really doesn't want to or have a desire to conform. She curled up next to me, she cried, she talked about everything, and I listened, giving her the best advice I could while still leaving the door open to make her own decisions.

When we were done, she gave me a kiss, told me she loved me, and thanked me for listening. Then she said something really cool. She said, "Mom, you know, I think I have one up on my friends and their moms." I asked her what that was. She answered, "You are not only my mom, but you are my best friend." I'm going to hold on to that for a long long time.


Warning: Never ever look up the image for the words "mom and best friend". Even with the filter on....holy crap. I need to have my brain scrubbed...

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