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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

High Anxiety...You Win!

I'm sitting here, trying desperately to get Nana to focus on practicing writing her h's, and losing the battle. "Well," you are probably saying, "you are on the computer!" This is about her, not me lol! I know how to write my h's.

Does anyone remember the Mel Brooks movie, "High Anxiety"? It is a funny movie where Brooks plays the new administrator at a hospital called "The Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, VERY Nervous". This is a place that I would most likely have been signed in to lol.

2 days and a wake up, and my trip begins. My anxiety, as well, is also waking up. It's stupid, but it always happens. The "what ifs". What if...I get stuck on the runway. What of the girls gets sick? What if...after 21 years Naomi decides she has had enough of me? What if...pigs had wings? See how stupid it all is? I know after I get there it will all be awesome, but it is the getting there I have to get to.
Okay, time to put Nana's nose back to the grindstone and my anxiey back to rest.

I'd like to book a room at the Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, VERY Nervous please. Something with a view and padded walls, perhaps?


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